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TurnKey Mentors Review and JV

What is Turn Key Mentors?

Turnkey Mentors is an online marketing course taught by proven leaders in the marketing community.

Essentially this program will walk you through the process of finding a product or business or creating one from scratch.

The next step is stepping through the process, from setting up their business, creating an online presence and generating massive amounts of quality trageted traffic in order to profit from their efforts online in less than 30 days.

What does it cost?

It comes at a fraction of the price of all the other guru courses on the net, less than $200! 

As well as an optional membership offering rescources and support each and every month for the platinum members for only $29.95 each month there after.

Who is involved so far?

  • Frank Kern
  • Jason Moffatt
  • Matt Trainer
  • Howie Schwartz
  • Jason Mangrum
  • Larry & Amish – Hexatrak guys
  • Ryan & Natalie – Mind Movies
  • Brad Weinman

It is in prelaunch right now which you can see

Want to earn form the program?

Turn key mentors has a great affiliate program.

Which you can find out about here

We will be posting updates about Turn Key Mentors on


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