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I met Ryan last year and have been privileged to spend some time with him, he has been one of my inspirations in doing my own things.

We used to share the same beach in Sydney, Australia and he is now enjoying the sun in California.

I have taken some copy from his site and it is worth the read. If you use the links below the bonus to you is we distribute according to our community policy.

If you are are visual or auditory person this is a great way to make the secret of the law of attraction work for you using techniques such as NLP, the science of getting rich and napoleon hill.

What do you do when positive thinking, affirmations, reading books, and listening to interviews just aren’t working for you?

Check out the ultimate visualization tool Here

What happens when you know the Law of Attraction exists, and is supposed to work…

but you just can’t raise your emotional vibration to where it needs to be to attract the life of your dreams?

Well, Ryan Higgins was in that boat, not too long ago. Working a job he hated, barely scraping by, and being
generally miserable.

He knew that visualization was a powerful tool to manifest what he wanted. But visualization isn’t the easiest thing for many of us to do.

It’s hard to see the pictures, it’s hard to put yourself in the image, it’s hard to get emotionally jacked up when all your mind sees is some dark and fuzzy attempts at a New reality.

Ryan is a completely different guy now…he has everything he ever dreamed of, does what he loves, and is the envy of all his friends.

See Ryan’s video and find out why Here


Because of Mind Movies.

Ryan discovered a secret, and now he’s willing to share it with you.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t visualize very well, as long as you know how to watch videos.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t raise your emotional vibration easily, as long as you like music. Any music, really… you get to choose.

Mind Movies allow you to create a vision of what you want, together with your Favorite song… the one that makes you feel good, the one that makes you want to dance, the one that makes you smile and sing along.

Yes, a Mind Movie is an impressive multi-media tool that completely allows you to make your DREAMS and DESIRES a big, big part of what you SEE and HEAR every day.

It’s like a 3 minute slide show/movie of your perfect life.

Click on the link below to watch Ryan’s video explaining all about this amazing visualizing tool Here

You can watch it on your computer, or take it with you on a video iPod or mobile phone. And, the best part is

— even if you have NO technical skills what so ever —

Ryan and Natalie will help you make a Hollywood-quality representation of your ideal life in only one afternoon.

They show and tell you exactly how to write your script, using step-by-step memory triggers. Then they show you where to find the best free pictures to use to illustrate your perfect life.

Then they show you how to put it all together in a slick presentation, using breakthrough NLP strategies to help you shoot like a rocket towards your goals and ambitions.

These Mind Movies work, big time!

Want to try out a few Mind Movies first without spending just a few hours creating your own?

No problem, as a bonus you also get 6 pre-made Mind Movies that you can start using right away.
They are on:

  1. Wealth
  2. Spiritual Fulfillment & Gratitude
  3. Health and Weight Loss
  4. Closer Family Relations
  5. Attract the Ideal Man into your life, or…
  6. Attract the Ideal Woman.These pre-made Mind Movies are specifically designed so you can fast track your progress by watching them immediately and they’re also crammed with inspirational and effective ideas

If you would like to create the future of your dreams let Ryan tell you more about Mind Movies Here

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